BOOSTane Fuel Additive

BOOSTane is the perfect option for our Poker Runners out there.  Don't worry about getting stranded with out the right fuel in your boat during a Poker Run.  Pick up a 5 Gallon Pale today and get it shipped to your door.  Have the ability to transform any marina pump gas to Race Fuel instantly.  Don't be afraid to run hard and go for that checkered flag, BOOSTane and KE Automarine by Keith Eickert have you covered!

  • Will raise your effective octane fuel number 15 points!
  • Use our very own BOOSTane App to blend exactly to your necessary specifications
  • Safe for use with catalytic converters and O2 Sensors
  • Safe on all new marine engines with O2 Sensors, including the new Mercury engines
  • Won’t settle out of solution and become ineffective in your tank, due to our proprietary carriers
  • Perferct for supercharged and turbocharged big blocks and small blocks
  • Good protection against the side effects of ethanol on all inboard and outboard engines

BOOSTane 5 gallon pail

BOOSTane 1 quart can

BOOSTane 6-pack
(6 quarts)    $137.70

BOOSTane 55 gallon drum


Don't leave your boat's engine to chance, take care of it with BOOSTane. BOOSTane's quarts can easily be tossed in the boat for later use or a quick addition if fuel from the marina is in question.

Why buy in bulk? Make the comparison:

By buying a 55 gallon drum you can transform 2,200 gallons of regular 89 octane fuel from the marina to 100 octane race fuel. To buy an equivalent amount of race fuel from a leading competitor you are looking at close to $24,000, as opposed to around $10,500 with BOOSTane.

"We have been running BOOSTane in our go fast boats and race engines for years.  Its the best product on the market right now for reliability, convenience, and performance.  We won't trust any other octane booster in our or customer's engines."  - Keith Eickert

Made in USA